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Off the Map

English  |  Drama
Off the Map is a character based medical show set in South America. The newest medical drama show from producers of Grey’s Anatomy is proving to be a hit series. The latest offering from ABC television, “Off the Map” TV show premiered January 12 of 2011 with some endearing characters going on the “adventure of a lifetime”. The show is set in the tropics of South America where three intrepid doctors do their best to save people who are in serious need of medical help. While life is not exactly primitive down in this tropical area of the world, it most definitely is not up to date as far as medical supplies go. Dr. Ben Keeton (Martin Henderson) lost his child and his wife due to an accident and he’s having problems coping with the single doctor lifestyle even though he has friends who encourage him. Dr. Otis Cole (Jason Winston George) is one of those docs that most say has a bite every bit as bad as his bite. While super strict at work he also has a somewhat zany side. A former addict he lives for candy as his fix of choice now days. Dr. Lily Brenner (Caroline Dhavernas) has been heartbroken when her fiancé was killed in an accident. Off the Map TV show is a soap opera-ish show and a fun divergence from the normal seriousness involved with medicine. Fans of Grey’s Anatomy might like this one.
Season:Episode Title Queue
S01:E13  There's a Lot to Miss About the Jungle    
Complete Season   
"There's a Lot to Miss About the Jungle" Full Episode (43:30)   
S01:E12  Hold On Tight    
Complete Season   
"Hold On Tight" Full Episode (43:30)   
S01:E11  Everything's As It Should Be    
Complete Season   
"Everything's As It Should Be" Full Episode (43:30)   
S01:E10  I'm Home    
Complete Season   
"I'm Home" Full Episode (43:30)   
S01:E09  There's Nothing to Fix    
Complete Season   
"There's Nothing to Fix" Full Episode (43:30)   
S01:E08  It's a Leaf    
Complete Season   
"It's a Leaf" Full Episode (43:28)   
S01:E07  Es Un Milagro    
Complete Season   
"Es Un Milagro" Full Episode (43:30)   
S01:E06  It's Good    
Complete Season   
"It's Good" Full Episode (43:30)   
S01:E05  I'm Here    
Complete Season   
"I'm Here" Full Episode (43:30)   
S01:E04  On the Mean Streets of San Miguel    
Complete Season   
"On the Mean Streets of San Miguel" Full Episode (43:30)   
S01:E03  A Doctor Time Out    
Complete Season   
"A Doctor Time Out" Full Episode (43:05)   
S01:E02  Smile. Don't Kill Anyone    
Complete Season   
"Smile. Don't Kill Anyone" Full Episode (43:30)   
S01:E01  Off the Map - COMPLETE SEASON 1    
Complete Season   
"Saved by the Great White Hope" Full Episode (43:25)   

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