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English  |  Arts, Science & Culture
Science fiction may bewitch, intrigue or beguile, but real science compels. “Nova” is the living proof. Aired in more than 100 countries, PBS “Nova” is the world’s most watched documentary program and its most highly decorated, Humankind has yet to develop a television award “Nova” has not won…repeatedly. And for good reason: On “Nova,” real scientists realistically discuss real areas of scientific investigation where real researchers are making significant discoveries. Now more than twenty years old, Nova’s “The Miracle of Life” remains the most accurate and sensitive representation of the human reproductive process ever produced. Similarly, Nova’s “Spy Machines” si generally regarded as the best-ever concise summary of “the Cold War” and the American-Soviet arms race. “Nova” reporters and photographers regularly take curiosity and cameras into places other brave correspondents would not even think about venturing, and they come back with breathtaking footage and groundbreaking reportage. Although American Public Broadcasting is tragically embroiled in a nasty political wrangle, critics and fans cling to their faith that “Nova” somehow can rise above the fray and continue its unrivalled work.
Season:Episode Title Queue
S38:E17  Power Surge    
Complete Season   
"Power Surge" Full Episode (53:12)   
S38:E16  Japan's Killer Quake    
Complete Season   
"Japan's Killer Quake" Full Episode (53:04)   
S38:E15  Venom: Nature's Killer    
Complete Season   
"Venom: Nature's Killer" Full Episode (53:11)   
S38:E13  The Smartest Machine On Earth    
Complete Season   
"The Smartest Machine On Earth" Full Episode (53:11)   
S38:E08  Deadliest Earthquakes    
Complete Season   
"Deadliest Earthquakes" Full Episode (53:10)   
S38:E05  Secrets of Stonehenge    
Complete Season   
"Secrets of Stonehenge" Full Episode (53:10)   
Secrets of Stonehenge (53:10)   
S38:E04  Dogs Decoded    
Complete Season   
"Dogs Decoded" Full Episode (53:13)   
S38:E02  Emergency Mine Rescue    
Complete Season   
"Emergency Mine Rescue" Full Episode (53:04)   
S37:E15  Mind Over Money    
Complete Season   
"Mind Over Money" Full Episode (53:07)   
Mind Over Money (53:07)   
S37:E13  Extreme Cave Diving    
Complete Season   
"Extreme Cave Diving" Full Episode (53:21)   
Extreme Cave Diving (53:21)   
S37:E12  Ghosts of Machu Picchu    
Complete Season   
"Ghosts of Machu Picchu" Full Episode (53:07)   
Ghosts of Machu Picchu (53:07)   
S37:E10  Building Pharaoh's Ship    
Complete Season   
"Building Pharaoh's Ship" Full Episode (53:07)   
Building Pharaoh's Ship (53:07)   
S37:E09  Killer Subs in Pearl Harbor    
Complete Season   
"Killer Subs in Pearl Harbor" Full Episode (53:07)   
Killer Subs in Pearl Harbor (53:07)   
S37:E08  What Darwin Never Knew    
Complete Season   
"What Darwin Never Knew" Full Episode (1:52:28)   
What Darwin Never Knew (1:52:28)   
S37:E07  What Are Dreams?    
Complete Season   
"What Are Dreams?" Full Episode (51:43)   
S37:E06  Becoming Human: Last Human Standing    
Complete Season   
"Becoming Human: Last Human Standing" Full Episode (51:44)   
Becoming Human: Last Human Standing (51:44)   
S37:E05  Becoming Human: Birth of Humanity    
Complete Season   
"Becoming Human: Birth of Humanity" Full Episode (51:43)   
Becoming Human: Birth of Humanity (51:43)   
S37:E04  Becoming Human: First Steps    
Complete Season   
"Becoming Human: First Steps" Full Episode (51:43)   
Becoming Human: First Steps (51:43)   
S37:E02  Hubble's Amazing Rescue    
Complete Season   
"Hubble's Amazing Rescue" Full Episode (52:21)   
Hubble's Amazing Rescue (52:21)   
S36:E16  Doctors' Diaries, Part 2    
Complete Season   
"Doctors' Diaries, Part 2" Full Episode (52:14)   
S36:E15  Doctors' Diaries, Part 1    
Complete Season   
"Doctors' Diaries, Part 1" Full Episode (51:19)   
S36:E14  Last Extinction: Megabeasts' Sudden Death    
Complete Season   
"Last Extinction: Megabeasts' Sudden Death" Full Episode (52:25)   
Last Extinction: Megabeasts' Sud... (52:25)   
S36:E13  Extreme Ice    
Complete Season   
"Extreme Ice" Full Episode (53:02)   
Extreme Ice (53:02)   
S36:E12  Rat Attack    
Complete Season   
"Rat Attack" Full Episode (52:55)   
Rat Attack (52:55)   
S36:E11  The Spy Factory    
Complete Season   
"The Spy Factory" Full Episode (52:54)   
The Spy Factory (52:54)   
S36:E10  The Incredible Journey of the Butterflies    
Complete Season   
"The Incredible Journey of the Butterflies" Full Episode (52:28)   
The Incredible Journey of the Bu... (52:28)   
S36:E09  The Big Energy Gamble    
Complete Season   
"The Big Energy Gamble" Full Episode (52:30)   
S36:E07  Ocean Animal Emergency    
Complete Season   
"Ocean Animal Emergency" Full Episode (52:54)   
Ocean Animal Emergency (52:54)   
S36:E06  The Bible's Buried Secrets    
Complete Season   
"The Bible's Buried Secrets" Full Episode (1:51:52)   
The Bible's Buried Secrets (1:51:52)   
S36:E05  Alien from Earth    
Complete Season   
"Alien from Earth" Full Episode (52:18)   
Alien from Earth (52:18)   
S36:E04  Hunting the Hidden Dimension    
Complete Season   
"Hunting the Hidden Dimension" Full Episode (53:15)   
Hunting the Hidden Dimension (53:15)   
S36:E02  Space Shuttle Disaster    
Complete Season   
"Space Shuttle Disaster" Full Episode (52:27)   
Space Shuttle Disaster (52:27)   
S35:E17  Lord of the Ants    
Complete Season   
"Lord of the Ants" Full Episode (52:52)   
Lord of the Ants (52:52)   
S35:E16  A Walk to Beautiful    
Complete Season   
"A Walk to Beautiful" Full Episode (52:37)   
A Walk to Beautiful (52:37)   
S35:E15  Car of the Future    
Complete Season   
"Car of the Future" Full Episode (53:22)   
Car of the Future (53:22)   
S35:E14  Cracking the Maya Code    
Complete Season   
"Cracking the Maya Code" Full Episode (52:48)   
Cracking the Maya Code (52:48)   
S35:E13  The Four Winged Dinosaur    
Complete Season   
"The Four Winged Dinosaur" Full Episode (53:18)   
The Four Winged Dinosaur (53:18)   
S35:E10  Secrets of the Parthenon    
Complete Season   
"Secrets of the Parthenon" Full Episode (53:11)   
Secrets of the Parthenon (53:11)   
S35:E03  Marathon Challenge    
Complete Season   
"Marathon Challenge" Full Episode (52:44)   
Marathon Challenge (52:44)   
S32:E09  Welcome to Mars    
Complete Season   
"Welcome to Mars" Full Episode (53:56)   
Welcome to Mars (53:56)   
S32:E08  The Great Robot Race    
Complete Season   
"The Great Robot Race" Full Episode (52:33)   
The Great Robot Race (52:33)   
S31:E15  Hunt for the Supertwister    
Complete Season   
"Hunt for the Supertwister" Full Episode (52:46)   
Hunt for the Supertwister (52:46)   
S31:E14  Life and Death in the War Zone    
Complete Season   
"Life and Death in the War Zone" Full Episode (54:08)   
Life and Death in the War Zone (54:08)   
S31:E09  MARS Dead or Alive    
Complete Season   
"MARS Dead or Alive" Full Episode (54:07)   
MARS Dead or Alive (54:07)   
S31:E06  Wright Brothers’ Flying Machine    
Complete Season   
"Wright Brothers’ Flying Machine" Full Episode (54:01)   
Wright Brothers’ Flying Machine (54:01)   
S30:E06  Lost Treasures of Tibet    
Complete Season   
"Lost Treasures of Tibet" Full Episode (53:51)   
Lost Treasures of Tibet (53:51)   
S30:E04  Battle of the X-Planes    
Complete Season   
"Battle of the X-Planes" Full Episode (1:53:26)   
Battle of the X-Planes (1:53:26)   
S28:E11  Lost King of the Maya    
Complete Season   
"Lost King of the Maya" Full Episode (54:01)   
Lost King of the Maya (54:01)   
S27:E18  Secrets of Lost Empires II: China Bridge    
Complete Season   
"Secrets of Lost Empires II: China Bridge" Full Episode (54:25)   
Secrets of Lost Empires II: Chin... (54:25)   
S27:E16  Secrets of Lost Empires II: Roman Bath    
Complete Season   
"Secrets of Lost Empires II: Roman Bath" Full Episode (54:38)   
Secrets of Lost Empires II: Roma... (54:38)   
S27:E14  Secrets of Lost Empires II: Easter Island    
Complete Season   
"Secrets of Lost Empires II: Easter Island" Full Episode (54:22)   
Secrets of Lost Empires II: East... (54:22)   
S27:E12  Secrets of Lost Empires II: Pharaoh's Obelisk    
Complete Season   
"Secrets of Lost Empires II: Pharaoh's Obelisk" Full Episode (57:22)   
Secrets of Lost Empires II: Phar... (57:22)   
S06:E01  Complete Season    
Complete Season   

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