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Love in the Wild

English  |  Action & Adventure
Would you mind speed-dating in the jungle on self-made rafts sailing down the crocodile-infested river? If you like these adrenaline-stuffed romantic adventures you will probably be hooked by Love in the Wild. However, to say the truth, you will have to sufficiently lower the acceptable level of stupidity, ridiculousness and affectedness. Otherwise you will be a little bit surprised by how this TV show was made. The anticipated symbiosis of The Amazing Race and The Bachelor Pad turned out to be just a bunch of meaningless quests on pseudo-romantic substrate. The only thing that saves this show is the fact that producers seem to be not taking the entire stuff too seriously. For instance, who will take seriously somebody whining about person whining about ants? As for series rules there are lots of advantages to form a loyal couple. Even if you are finishing last, there is a good chance to stay in the game in case if some partners in other couple will broke up and will not find any other contestant to partner with. In this situation they will end up in the Single Area from where they, most likely, will be eliminated. Such breaking ups are happening from time to time just because betrayal could be advantageous too: not because you are falling in love with somebody from the other couple, but on case if last-place couple member will accept a switch request in order to secure staying in the game. In opposite to the actions taking in the show, the rules are only intriguing elements in Love in the Wild. But do not forget the surrounding nature -it’s beautiful and, furthermore, it's filmed magnificently. And maybe it’s only the advantage saving this dating reality TV show for the next seasons.
Season:Episode Title Queue
S02:E08  Episode 8    
Complete Season   
Season 2 Episode 8: Episode 8   
"Week 8" Full Episode (44:07)   
"Breakfast of Champions" Clip (01:59)   
"Communication Is Key" Clip (03:31)   
S02:E07  Episode 7    
Complete Season   
Season 2 Episode 7: Episode 7   
"Week 7" Full Episode (44:08)   
"Lobbying for Position" Clip (02:04)   
S02:E06  Episode 6    
Complete Season   
Season 2 Episode 6: Episode 6   
"Week 6" Full Episode (44:07)   
"Scavenger Hunt" Clip (01:51)   
S02:E05  Episode 5    
Complete Season   
Season 2 Episode 5: Episode 5   
"Week 5" Full Episode (44:07)   
"One in, One Out" Clip (02:53)   
S02:E04  Episode 4    
Complete Season   
Season 2 Episode 4: Episode 4   
"Week 4" Full Episode (44:07)   
S02:E03  Episode 3    
Complete Season   
Season 2 Episode 3: Episode 3   
"Week 3" Full Episode (44:07)   
"Pool Games" Clip (01:51)   
S02:E02  Episode 2    
Complete Season   
Season 2 Episode 2: Episode 2   
"Week 2" Full Episode (44:07)   
"Cake Smash" Clip (02:24)   
S02:E01  Episode 1    
Complete Season   
Season 2 Episode 1: Episode 1   
"Week 1" Full Episode (1:27:55)   
S01:E08  Week 8    
Complete Season   
Season 1 Episode 8: Week 8   
"Crossing the Finish Line" Clip (02:50)   
S01:E07  Week 7    
Complete Season   
Season 1 Episode 7: Week 7   
"Mike and Samantha's Sailing Adventure" Clip (01:23)   
S01:E06  Love Is in the Air    
Complete Season   
"Love Is in the Air" Clip (01:47)   
"Couple's Choice Shocker" Clip (02:31)   
S01:E05  Week 5    
Complete Season   
Season 1 Episode 5: Week 5   
"Samantha and Ben Let Loose at the Oasis" Clip (00:38)   
S01:E04  Week 4    
Complete Season   
Season 1 Episode 4: Week 4   
S01:E03  Ben Gets Breakfast In Bed    
Complete Season   
"Ben Gets Breakfast In Bed" Clip (00:41)   
"Skip and Theresa: An Unspoken Connection" Clip (00:39)   
"Snake Island Preview" Clip (00:31)   
"Steele and Kim's Canoe Mishap" Clip (00:37)   
S01:E02  Week 2    
Complete Season   
Season 1 Episode 2: Week 2   
"Adam and Kym's Unbearable Date" Clip (02:04)   
S01:E01  Love in the Wild Premiere    
Complete Season   
Season 1 Episode 1: Love in the Wild Premiere   
"Samantha and Mike Unwind at The Oasis" Clip (01:23)   
S00:Video  Ben's Bathroom Confession    
Complete Season   
"Ben's Bathroom Confession" Clip (1:42)   
S00:Video  Ben's Personal Nightmare    
Complete Season   
"Ben's Personal Nightmare" Clip (0:42)   
S00:Video  Breakfast With Ben    
Complete Season   
"Breakfast With Ben" Clip (00:29)   
S00:Video  Trouble in Paradise?    
Complete Season   
"Trouble in Paradise?" Clip (00:56)   
S00:Video  Couples Face Off    
Complete Season   
"Couples Face Off" Clip (01:46)   
S00:Video  Just a Game?    
Complete Season   
"Just a Game?" Clip (01:25)   
S00:Video  Scorpions!    
Complete Season   
"Scorpions!" Clip (03:39)   
S00:Video  Chase's Scavenger Hunt    
Complete Season   
"Chase's Scavenger Hunt" Clip (01:53)   
S00:Video  Ken vs. Jesse    
Complete Season   
"Ken vs. Jesse" Clip (02:48)   
S00:Video  Tarantulas!    
Complete Season   
"Tarantulas!" Clip (00:56)   
S00:Video  Two Girls for Every Guy    
Complete Season   
"Two Girls for Every Guy" Clip (01:45)   
S00:Video  Going Bananas    
Complete Season   
"Going Bananas" Clip (02:19)   
S00:Video  Driving Each Other Nuts    
Complete Season   
"Driving Each Other Nuts" Clip (01:42)   
S00:Video  Ali and Jesse at the Oasis    
Complete Season   
"Ali and Jesse at the Oasis" Clip (02:07)   
S00:Video  He Said, He Said    
Complete Season   
"He Said, He Said" Clip (03:14)   
S00:Video  Grade Your Partner    
Complete Season   
"Grade Your Partner" Clip (01:09)   
S00:Video  Jason's Tent Tour    
Complete Season   
"Jason's Tent Tour" Clip (01:47)   
S00:Video  The Toughest Challenge Yet!    
Complete Season   
"The Toughest Challenge Yet!" Clip (00:30)   
S00:Video  Season 2 Sneak Peek    
Complete Season   
"Season 2 Sneak Peek" Clip (02:39)   
S00:Video  Michelle's Assets    
Complete Season   
"Michelle's Assets" Clip (01:45)   
S00:Video  Love Connections    
Complete Season   
"Love Connections" Clip (02:29)   
S00:Video  Kiss and Tell    
Complete Season   
"Kiss and Tell" Clip (02:11)   
S00:Video  Man vs. Chicken    
Complete Season   
"Man vs. Chicken" Clip (03:23)   
S00:Video  The Morning After    
Complete Season   
"The Morning After" Clip (02:00)   
S00:Video  Bromance in the Wild    
Complete Season   
"Bromance in the Wild" Clip (00:36)   
S00:Video  Jenny McCarthy Interview    
Complete Season   
"Jenny McCarthy Interview" Clip (04:55)   
S00:Video  Dangerous Dating    
Complete Season   
"Dangerous Dating" Clip (01:35)   
S00:Video  Pool Party    
Complete Season   
"Pool Party" Clip (01:26)   
S00:Video  Guys Choose Their New Girls    
Complete Season   
"Guys Choose Their New Girls" Clip (04:27)   
S00:Video  What's in Store?    
Complete Season   
"What's in Store?" Clip (00:58)   
S00:Video  Shauna's Meltdown    
Complete Season   
"Shauna's Meltdown" Clip (01:47)   
S00:Video  Not So Sweet    
Complete Season   
"Not So Sweet" Clip (01:07)   
S00:Video  Budding Romance: Jason and Van    
Complete Season   
"Budding Romance: Jason and Van" Clip (01:46)   
S00:Video  Slitheringly Scary    
Complete Season   
"Slitheringly Scary" Clip (01:11)   
S00:Video  First Day Freakout    
Complete Season   
"First Day Freakout" Clip (01:18)   
S00:Video  Catfight!    
Complete Season   
"Catfight!" Clip (00:30)   
S00:Video  Welcome to Love in the Wild!    
Complete Season   
"Welcome to Love in the Wild!" Clip (00:47)   
S00:Video  Awkward Introductions    
Complete Season   
"Awkward Introductions" Clip (00:43)   
S00:Video  Dangerous Dating    
Complete Season   
"Dangerous Dating" Clip (01:36)   
S00:Video  Interview with Host Darren McMullen    
Complete Season   
"Interview with Host Darren McMullen" Clip (04:55)   
S00:Video  English Lessons With Darren    
Complete Season   
"English Lessons With Darren" Clip (01:42)   
S00:Video  Sky-High Kisses    
Complete Season   
"Sky-High Kisses" Clip (01:02)   
S00:Video  Steamy Kisses!    
Complete Season   
"Steamy Kisses!" Clip (00:23)   
S00:Video  Coconut Connection    
Complete Season   
"Coconut Connection" Clip (02:16)   

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