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Knight Rider

English  |  Action & Adventure
Playing “Trivial Pursuit,” you will want to remember “Knight Rider” ran on NBC from 1982 through 1986. Reminscing, you may recall long, long ago, in a mostly forgotten era when David Hasselhoff was something more and greater than a punchline, he and a tricked-out Trans-Am had a Friday night crime fighting show. That, too, may be a punchline, but millions of people found the premise plausible, the man and his vehicle just hot enough that they tuned-in to watch hunk and hunk-of-metal defeat nefarious characters of all descriptions. Now that cars do regularly converse with and direct people, the articulate and cultured Trans-Am may not seem so far-fetched after all. Hitmaker Glen Larson produced “Knight Rider,” working from a relatively simple backstory: Billionaire Wilton Knight rescues and rehabilitates police detective Michael Long after a near-fatal injury. Equipping the veteran crime fighter with a new face and identity, Knight makes newly re-Christened Michael Knight the first of his agents in the “public justice” initiative he sponsors. The gig come with Knight Industries newest product—the artificially intelligent Pontiac. And the adventures along the law’s margins begin.
Season:Episode Title Queue
S03:E02  Knight of the Drones, Part 2    
Complete Season   
"Knight of the Drones, Part 2" Full Episode (46:51)   
S01:E17  I Love the Knight Life    
Complete Season   
"I Love the Knight Life" Full Episode (42:36)   
"VIP Lounge" Clip (03:07)   
"Botched Deal" Clip (01:36)   
S01:E16  Knight and the City    
Complete Season   
"Knight and the City" Full Episode (43:01)   
"A Motley Crew" Clip (02:27)   
S01:E15  Fly By Knight    
Complete Season   
"Fly By Knight" Full Episode (41:58)   
"Incognito" Clip (02:14)   
S01:E14  Fight Knight    
Complete Season   
"Fight Knight" Full Episode (42:02)   
"Autopsy" Clip (02:25)   
"Underground Fight Club" Clip (03:20)   
S01:E13  Exit Light, Enter Knight    
Complete Season   
"Exit Light, Enter Knight" Full Episode (42:58)   
S01:E12  Knight to King's Pawn    
Complete Season   
"Knight to King's Pawn" Full Episode (43:16)   
S01:E11  Day Turns Into Knight    
Complete Season   
"Day Turns Into Knight" Full Episode (43:14)   
"Top Speed" Clip (02:30)   
S01:E10  Don't Stop the Knight    
Complete Season   
"Don't Stop the Knight" Full Episode (41:32)   
"Model Anya on Knight Ride" Clip (02:11)   
"Jailbreak!" Clip (02:10)   
S01:E09  Knight Fever    
Complete Season   
"Knight Fever" Full Episode (42:12)   
S01:E08  Knight of the Zodiac    
Complete Season   
"Knight of the Zodiac" Full Episode (43:07)   
"Knight of the Zodiac" Clip (01:44)   
S01:E07  I Wanna Rock and Roll All Knight    
Complete Season   
"I Wanna Rock and Roll All Knight" Full Episode (42:48)   
"I Wanna Rock and Roll All Knight" Clip (02:16)   
"Car Crash: Behind the Scenes" Clip (02:08)   
S01:E06  Knight of the Living Dead    
Complete Season   
"Knight of the Living Dead" Full Episode (42:55)   
"Nearly Crushed" Clip (02:40)   
S01:E05  Night of the Hunter    
Complete Season   
"Night of the Hunter" Full Episode (43:18)   
"The Fun Part" Clip (02:37)   
S01:E04  A Hard Day's Knight    
Complete Season   
"A Hard Day's Knight" Full Episode (42:46)   
"Persuasion, KITT-style: Highlight" Clip (02:08)   
S01:E03  Knight of the Iguana    
Complete Season   
"Knight of the Iguana" Full Episode (42:07)   
"Burnin' Rubber" Clip (02:16)   
S01:E02  Journey to the End of the Knight    
Complete Season   
"Journey to the End of the Knight" Full Episode (43:09)   
S01:E01  Knight Rider: COMPLETE SEASON 1    
Complete Season   
"A Knight in Shining Armor" Full Episode (42:51)   
"A Knight in Shining Armor: Highlight" Clip (02:13)   
S00:Video  Green Screen Action    
Complete Season   
"Green Screen Action" Clip (01:59)   
S00:Video  Knight Fever    
Complete Season   
"Knight Fever" Clip (02:32)   
S00:Video  Paul's Big Pitch    
Complete Season   
"Paul's Big Pitch" Clip (07:38)   

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