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Happy Town

English  |  Drama
Created by Josh Appelbaum, Happy Town depicts your typical small pleasant town full of average and friendly townsfolk until a series of kidnappings occur. Most of the residents assume the one called the “Magic Man” is responsible for the disappearance of seven who are never heard from again. The small sleepy town in Minnesota has been a Happy Town in which to live up until some of the local residents simply vanish in what apparently is a mystical way. The town’s deputy, Tommy Conroy (Geoff Stults) can’t figure out where the folks are going and residents Jay Paulson (as the deputy known as “Root Beer” Rogers, Rachel Conroy (actress Amy Acker), John Haplin played by Steven Weber), and Merritt Grieves (actor Sam Neill) can’t help but worry who will be next to disappear. With the arrival of Henley Boone “Chloe” played by Lauren German the mystery gets deeper as she is determined to solve the intriguing case and find who is behind the disappearances once and for all. Set in a small town in Minnesota much of the show was filmed in and around Ontario, Canada.
Season:Episode Title Queue
S01:E08  Blame It On Rio Bravo    
Complete Season   
"Blame It On Rio Bravo" Full Episode (43:25)   
S01:E07  Dallas Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore    
Complete Season   
"Dallas Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore" Full Episode (42:41)   
S01:E06  Questions and Antlers    
Complete Season   
"Questions and Antlers" Full Episode (43:28)   
S01:E05  This Is Why We Stay    
Complete Season   
"This Is Why We Stay" Full Episode (43:28)   
S01:E04  Slight of Hand    
Complete Season   
"Slight of Hand" Full Episode (42:55)   
S01:E03  Polly Wants a Crack at Her    
Complete Season   
"Polly Wants a Crack at Her" Full Episode (43:29)   
S01:E02  I Came to Haplin for the Waters    
Complete Season   
"I Came to Haplin for the Waters" Full Episode (43:27)   
S01:E01  Happy Town - COMPLETE SEASON 1    
Complete Season   
"In This Home On Ice" Full Episode (46:32)   

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