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Expedition Impossible

English  |  Action & Adventure
It all begins when thirteen individual teams consisting of three competitors each race across the deserts and mountains and even through the rivers in Morocco, each with the hope of winning a new Ford Explorer plus $50,000 in U.S. dollars. Mark Burnett of Survivor fame is the producer and a wildlife expert named Dave Salmoni hosts each episode as they go through stages with checkpoints to be reached first. Some of these checkpoints include a challenge that needs to be finished before the teams can move on to the next. The last team to reach the last checkpoint loses and must leave the show. Also if any member on a team decides to give up or quit, the team is eliminated. Trekking through the hot Sahara Desert then over Atlas Mountains of Northern Africa is no easy feat, especially when there so many other dedicated competitors involved. They must show their ability to ride horses, read compasses, rappel the mountains, and right a capsized boat capably and forge on to win the race.
Season:Episode Title Queue
S01:E10  And Then There Were Four    
Complete Season   
"And Then There Were Four" Full Episode (43:00)   
And Then There Were Four (43:00)   
S01:E09  Come Hell or High Water    
Complete Season   
"Come Hell or High Water" Full Episode (43:00)   
Come Hell or High Water (43:00)   
S01:E08  Never Give Up    
Complete Season   
"Never Give Up" Full Episode (43:00)   
Never Give Up (43:00)   
Never Give Up (43:00)   
S01:E07  Rock the Kasbah    
Complete Season   
"Rock the Kasbah" Full Episode (43:00)   
Rock the Kasbah (43:00)   
S01:E06  Leap of Faith    
Complete Season   
"Leap of Faith" Full Episode (43:00)   
Leap of Faith (43:00)   
S01:E05  A Blind Man's Nightmare    
Complete Season   
"A Blind Man's Nightmare" Full Episode (43:00)   
A Blind Man's Nightmare (43:00)   
S01:E04  There's Snow In Morocco?    
Complete Season   
"There's Snow In Morocco?" Full Episode (43:00)   
There's Snow In Morocco? (43:00)   
S01:E03  I Don't Know How To Ride This Thing!    
Complete Season   
"I Don't Know How To Ride This Thing!" Full Episode (43:00)   
I Don't Know How To Ride This Th... (43:00)   
S01:E02  Light My Way!    
Complete Season   
"Light My Way!" Full Episode (42:30)   
Light My Way! (42:30)   
S01:E01  Complete Season    
Complete Season   
"Sun! Sand! Sahara!" Full Episode (43:30)   
Sun! Sand! Sahara! (43:30)   

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