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Emily Owens M.D.

English  |  Comedy & Humor
Emily Owens is “a fresh blood” in Denver Memorial Hospital where she just started to work. To her surprise, everyone in the Hospital is behaving like all the action takes place in a high school. But not only the action even a characters are the same: to her joy and awkward happiness - her med school classmate Dr. Will Collins (Emily had a crush on) works here too; as a bad thing to balance a good one – her school-time nemesis Cassandra Kopelson is hanging out nearby, looking ready to make Emily’s life intolerable. However, our heroine manages to enlist the help of one of her mentors: Dr. Micah Barnes (Michael Rady), who oversees fresh interns and to befriend with first-year surgical resident Tyra Dupre (Kelly McCreary). Besides the awkward moments showcased in almost every scene where we see Emily, there is one only thing that makes everyone uncomfortable to watch Emily Owens M.D. – the idea of “what this clumsy young being is doing here, in real-life hospital, as the real-life doctor, who is definitely should be responsible for the lives of patients?” From the other hand, it’s just a TV show and all that mess is made by actors by screenplay, and while the last one thing is questionable, first one (the ensemble cast) looks perfect. Main protagonist, Emily Owen, is portrayed by inimitable Mamie Gummer, while her “sweetheart” Dr. Will Collins is played by Justin Hartley (a star of Smallville).
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