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Design: e2 TV

English  |  Family & Green
When a concept television program is narrated by the likes of Morgan Freeman and Brad Pitt you might think it’s all about its entertainment value but you’d be wrong. The Design: e2, a documentary style eighteen part series seen on local PBS stations is all about green design and sustainable living concepts. Stretching from New York City down to rural Mexico, then on to incorporate many more countries, the program is just part of a bigger series that has proven successful by drawing huge numbers of viewers wanting to learn more about such topics as food, water, design, energy, people, places, and transportation methods that are good for the environment while keeping the costs down to be affordable for most of us. Each episode is filmed in HD (high definition) so the view is pleasant and rich in details. Learn from the innovators and pioneers of environmentally friendly and sustainable architecture by watching week after week’s intriguing programming. Much has been learned regarding what has been done wrong so it’s time for us to learn about doing things right to save ourselves and our planet on The Design: e2.
Season:Episode Title Queue
S05:E01  Design: e2 TV: COMPLETE SEASON 5    
Complete Season   
S02:E06  e2: Architecture 2030    
Complete Season   
"e2: Architecture 2030" Full Episode (25:17)   
S02:E05  e2: Adaptive Reuse in the Netherlands    
Complete Season   
"e2: Adaptive Reuse in the Netherlands" Full Episode (25:17)   
S02:E04  e2: Affordable Green Housing    
Complete Season   
"e2: Affordable Green Housing" Full Episode (25:17)   
S02:E03  e2: Bogotá: Building a Sustainable City    
Complete Season   
"e2: Bogotá: Building a Sustainable City" Full Episode (25:17)   
S02:E02  e2: Greening the Federal Government    
Complete Season   
"e2: Greening the Federal Government" Full Episode (25:17)   
S02:E01  e2: The Druk White Lotus School: LaDakh    
Complete Season   
"e2: The Druk White Lotus School: LaDakh" Full Episode (25:17)   
S01:E06  e2: Deeper Shade of Green    
Complete Season   
"e2: Deeper Shade of Green" Full Episode (25:27)   
S01:E05  e2: China: From Red to Green?    
Complete Season   
"e2: China: From Red to Green?" Full Episode (25:28)   
S01:E04  e2: Gray to Green    
Complete Season   
"e2: Gray to Green" Full Episode (25:27)   
S01:E03  e2: The Green Machine    
Complete Season   
"e2: The Green Machine" Full Episode (25:27)   
S01:E02  e2: Green for All    
Complete Season   
"e2: Green for All" Full Episode (25:28)   
S01:E01  e2: The Green Apple    
Complete Season   
"e2: The Green Apple" Full Episode (25:28)   

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