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Dallas (2012)

English  |  Drama
After 30 years of nearly oblivion, TNT is reviving the grandfather of all plutocracy soap-dramas, Dallas. A little bit rebranded but still not losing its luster, this grand soap-opera appears to us in the new, contemporary glossiness, featuring all good old actors, like 80-year-old Larry Hagman who still plays incorrigible old buzzard J.R. Ewing, Patrick Duffy is still Bobby Ewing while Linda Gray is Sue Ellen Ewing. After the very first episode of renewed in 2012 Dallas you will find out, that the original characters are perfectly combined with the next generation of oil tycoons (as well as the new generations of actors playing them). Meet Jesse Metcalfe, who is Christopher, Bobby Ewing’s adopted son who tries to bring the family business into the new modern route of green energy industry. Jordana Brewster, who may be familiar to you as Mia Toretto from Fast Five, now is Elena Ramos, John Ross’s new girlfriend and ex-fiancée of Christopher. Who is John Ross? He is John Ross Ewing III (played by Josh Henderson) who tries to be a good son of his father by strict following all the family business traditions of oil drilling. This is the very short glance on Dallas 2012 turbulences, and you have to discover the rest 99.99% all by yourself.
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S01:E05  Truth and Consequences    
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Season 1 Episode 5: Truth and Consequences   
S01:E01  Complete Season    
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