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Clean House

English  |  Health & Wellness
Clean House TV show is a home makeover and interior design television series. Hosted by comedic actress Niecy Nash, the Clean House TV show brings a four-person cleanup-and-renovation crew to the homes of families unable to control household clutter. Each episode follows a basic pattern; family members often face psychological barriers to letting go of their belongings. What's it like to walk into a house that looks like a tornado hit it? Style's popular makeover series, Clean House TV show gives homeowners a new lease on life by decluttering their messy pads--but ever wonder how they do it? Well, wonder no more, 'cause Clean House Comes Clean dishes all the dirt on what goes on behind-the-scenes.
Season:Episode Title Queue
S10:E22  CH Messiest Home: Bagliens' Base...    
Complete Season   
CH Messiest Home: Bagliens' Base... (01:40)   
CH Messiest Home: Hayes' Hazmat ... (01:57)   
S10:E08  Doll Dilemma    
Complete Season   
Doll Dilemma (01:32)   
Yard Sale Games (01:58)   
Tip: Furniture Revamp (00:41)   
S10:E07  Didi's Confessions: Used Goods    
Complete Season   
Didi's Confessions: Used Goods (01:06)   
Dusty Dilemma (01:18)   
Tip: Bay Windows (00:40)   
Yard Sale Success (01:47)   
S10:E06  Destroying The Band    
Complete Season   
Destroying The Band (01:39)   
Matt Goes Missing (01:53)   
Confessions: Rock and Roll (00:57)   
Tip: Repair Wall Holes (00:50)   
S10:E05  Get To Stepping    
Complete Season   
Get To Stepping (01:38)   
Other People's Cash (01:31)   
Tip: Morning Rush (00:49)   
S10:E04  Baggage Breakdown    
Complete Season   
Baggage Breakdown (02:05)   
Debt Debacle (01:59)   
S10:E03  Forgetaboutit    
Complete Season   
Forgetaboutit (01:28)   
Kooky Kitsch (02:33)   
Tip: Home Photo Gallery (01:30)   
Confessions: Kooky Folks (01:30)   
S10:E02  Busted Boudoir    
Complete Season   
Busted Boudoir (01:28)   
Invisible Wounds (02:05)   
S10:E01  CH Messiest Home 5: Kitchen Inte...    
Complete Season   
CH Messiest Home 5: Kitchen Inte... (01:51)   
Three Ring Circus (02:01)   
Tricking the Kids (01:53)   
CH Messiest Home 5: Paying It Fo... (01:55)   
S09:E23  Bickering Pettigrew    
Complete Season   
Bickering Pettigrew (02:19)   
Go-to-Guy Showdown (02:30)   
S09:E22  Tip: Craft Corner    
Complete Season   
Tip: Craft Corner (00:54)   
Freak Show (01:24)   
Three Ring Circus (02:33)   
Tip: Family Room Fun (00:59)   
S09:E21  Confessions: Design Difficulties    
Complete Season   
Confessions: Design Difficulties (01:21)   
Out With the Old? (01:58)   
"Sex and the City" Dude (01:57)   
S09:E20  Brand-New Bargains    
Complete Season   
Brand-New Bargains (01:17)   
Car Troubles (01:12)   
Tip: Replacing Cracked Tiles (00:48)   
Confessions: Where's Waldo? (01:02)   
S09:E19  Angry Man    
Complete Season   
Angry Man (01:40)   
Cheating Heart (01:25)   
Tip: Kitchen Backsplash (00:59)   
S09:E18  Making Money    
Complete Season   
Making Money (02:17)   
Miss Clutter (01:38)   
S09:E17  Confessions: Hirsch Happiness    
Complete Season   
Confessions: Hirsch Happiness (00:55)   
Living in the Past (01:43)   
Sentimental Stuff (01:53)   
Tip: Custom Trophy Case (01:15)   
S09:E16  Bedroom Blues    
Complete Season   
Bedroom Blues (01:42)   
Kitchen Nightmare (02:07)   
Mark's Confessions: Generation Gap (01:07)   
Tip: Pantry Raid (01:07)   
S09:E13  Garage Sale Crawl    
Complete Season   
Garage Sale Crawl (01:56)   
Matt's Confessions: Single Guy S... (01:11)   
Brian's Workout Wager (01:57)   
Clean House Tip: Getting Out the... (00:44)   
S08:E11  Juggling Act    
Complete Season   
"Juggling Act" Clip (01:29)   
S02:E03  Too Much Stuff    
Complete Season   
"Too Much Stuff" Clip (01:32)   
"Audition: Crites Family" Clip (02:32)   
S01:E107  Clean House NY: Briella Seeks Help    
Complete Season   
Clean House NY: Briella Seeks Help (01:06)   
S01:E105  Clutter Craziness    
Complete Season   
Clutter Craziness (01:35)   
Wide Open Spaces (02:05)   
S01:E104  Clean House NY Tip: Create a Med...    
Complete Season   
Clean House NY Tip: Create a Med... (01:11)   
S01:E103  Mrs. Money Bags    
Complete Season   
Mrs. Money Bags (02:24)   
Room to Breathe (01:52)   
S01:E10  Clutter and Chaos    
Complete Season   
Clutter and Chaos (01:30)   
Larry's World (01:55)   
Tip: Used and Renewed (00:44)   
S01:E09  Tip: Wooden Floors Revamp    
Complete Season   
Tip: Wooden Floors Revamp (00:46)   
Auction Nightmare (02:42)   
Creepy Collection (02:12)   
S01:E08  Clean House NY: Trash or Treasure?    
Complete Season   
Clean House NY: Trash or Treasure? (02:10)   
Clean House NY: Out With the Old (01:55)   
Clean House NY Tip: Light up the... (00:46)   
S01:E07  Tip: Basement Apartment    
Complete Season   
Tip: Basement Apartment (00:49)   
Clean House NY: Jersey Jumble (01:56)   
S01:E06  Tip: Built in Seating    
Complete Season   
Tip: Built in Seating (00:44)   
Clean House NY: Huge Family, Hug... (02:01)   
Clean House NY: Room for One More (01:58)   
S01:E05  Clean House NY Tip: Creating Spaces    
Complete Season   
Clean House NY Tip: Creating Spaces (00:42)   
S01:E04  Bugged Out    
Complete Season   
Bugged Out (02:15)   
Stinky Situation (02:17)   
S01:E03  Tip: Freestanding Closets    
Complete Season   
Tip: Freestanding Closets (00:42)   
S01:E02  Tip: Cashing in On Barbie    
Complete Season   
Tip: Cashing in On Barbie (01:06)   
A Decade of Disaster (01:47)   
Clean House NY: Shoe-A-Palooza (01:17)   
S01:E01  Complete Season    
Complete Season   
Bye Bye Birdie (02:28)   
Emotional Attachment (02:05)   

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