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Building Green

English  |  Family & Green
Ever wonder how to build something that is sustainable and won’t hurt the environment? Building a new home and want to keep it “green” without costing twice as much as conventional construction? The prospects are endless and money can be saved while improving the health and comfort of residence when planning and designing then building that dream home the right way. Building Green is not only a concept but a religion that has a growing following around this great planet we call earth. Initially the green approach was far more expensive than more traditional methods of construction but with better ideas and improved building materials and tools we find that the manufacture of sustainable, non-polluting, environmentally safe homes and business buildings is not only possible but also the preferred method that takes us into the 21st century and well beyond. Being able to watch these construction projects on TV, as they go from concept through completion, helps get the idea across that we must alter some of the old school methods and incorporate new ideas into the blue prints to keep our world safe and healthy for future generations. See it all and more on Building Green TV.

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