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Bachelor Pad

English  |  Reality & Talk Shows
It must be painfully difficult to be the first eliminated on shows like Bachelor Pad! Not only is that coveted prize of $250,000 taken away but it has to be absolutely embarrassing to be booted off such a tacky show, right? Well actually this is one reality show that has something to offer in the way of entertainment quality. The competition on Bachelor Pad comes from men and women who have previously been seen on former episodes of The Bachelor as well as The Bachelorette, two other competition style reality game programs, originating on the ABC network. On Bachelor Pad each contestant casts their individual private vote for one of the other contestants. They vote for who they want to see eliminated and each week the person with the most votes will be out of the competition. And that competition can be tough! Challenges that culminate with ballroom dancing (like on Dancing With the Stars) pare down the competitors as well as dates that can drive one to distraction! Finalists either become close companions or else go their separate ways and must decide to split the prize money or share it with the others who have already been eliminated.
Season:Episode Title Queue
S03:E07  Episode 7    
Season 3 Episode 7: Episode 7   
S03:E03  Week 3    
"Week 3" Full Episode (1:24:02)   
"Deleted Scene: Chris' Apology!" Clip (00:56)   
S03:E02  Week 2    
"Week 2" Full Episode (1:24:22)   
"Deleted Scene: Erica and David" Clip (01:29)   
S03:E01  Season Premiere    
"Season Premiere" Full Episode (1:24:23)   
"Paige and Reid" Clip (01:19)   
"Blakeley and Jaclyn" Clip (01:29)   
S02:E06  Episode 6    
Season 2 Episode 6: Episode 6   
S02:E05  Episode 5    
Season 2 Episode 5: Episode 5   
S02:E04  Episode 4    
Season 2 Episode 4: Episode 4   
S02:E03  Episode 3    
Season 2 Episode 3: Episode 3   
S02:E02  Episode 2    
Season 2 Episode 2: Episode 2   
S02:E01  Episode 1    
Season 2 Episode 1: Episode 1   
S01:E06  Episode 6    
Season 1 Episode 6: Episode 6   
S01:E05  Episode 5    
Season 1 Episode 5: Episode 5   
S01:E04  Episode 4    
Season 1 Episode 4: Episode 4   
S01:E03  Episode 3    
Season 1 Episode 3: Episode 3   
S01:E02  Episode 2    
Season 1 Episode 2: Episode 2   
S01:E01  Episode 1    
Season 1 Episode 1: Episode 1   
S00:Video  $#*! Girls Say On the Bachelor    
"$#*! Girls Say On the Bachelor" Clip (1:21)   
S00:Video  Deleted Scene: Flirting Under Covers!    
"Deleted Scene: Flirting Under Covers!" Clip (2:0)   
S00:Video  Deleted Scene: Bro-Bonding    
"Deleted Scene: Bro-Bonding" Clip (1:40)   
S00:Video  Deleted Scene: Chris and Sarah's Movie    
"Deleted Scene: Chris and Sarah's Movie" Clip (1:36)   
S00:Video  Rachel Misses Michael!    
"Rachel Misses Michael!" Clip (1:13)   
S00:Video  Deleted Scene: Chris' Sexual Questions    
"Deleted Scene: Chris' Sexual Questions" Clip (1:21)   

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