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Animal Practice

English  |  Comedy & Humor
If you love animals more than people around you, then, Animal Practice is the best TV show to watch in 2012 in your case. Why? Just because every character in Animal Practice prefers to deal with dogs, monkeys, birds, whatever, than with humans. However, they (characters) are not some homogeneous substance: some of them are "inappropriate ones”, some “crazy ones”, some “vulgar ones” and even some "nervous ones”. This entire bestiary” is headed by Dr. George Coleman, who is, probably, most colorful representative of all these “kinds”. He can easily make an analogy between a dog’s behavior and values of average woman’s life. Initially, it seems like he is wrong, but finally all of his predictions and analogies turn to be ultimately right. The animals in Animal Practice are “inappropriate” too: a monkey who rides a mini-ambulance all the season-long (this monkey earns 12,000USD for each episode, by the way), a suicidal cat, who tries to kill itself as his owner forces it to watch he Wendy Williams Show. And of course, Dr. Coleman has his own version of events and analogies with cat owner’s intimate life, which he easily explains to her, sometimes playing it unsafe.
Season:Episode Title Queue
S01:E04  Dr. Yamamazing    
Complete Season   
"Dr. Yamamazing" Full Episode (21:46)   
S01:E03  Clean-Smelling Pirate    
Complete Season   
Season 1 Episode 3: Clean-Smelling Pirate   
"Clean-Smelling Pirate" Full Episode (21:51)   
S01:E02  Little Miss Can't Be Wrong    
Complete Season   
Season 1 Episode 2: Little Miss Can't Be Wrong   
"Little Miss Can't Be Wrong" Full Episode (21:40)   
S01:E01  Pilot    
Complete Season   
Season 1 Episode 1: Pilot   
"Pilot" Full Episode (21:44)   
S00:Video  Ladies' Man    
Complete Season   
"Ladies' Man" Clip (0:25)   
S00:Video  A One Time Thing    
Complete Season   
"A One Time Thing" Clip (0:47)   
S00:Video  Skunk Problem    
Complete Season   
"Skunk Problem" Clip (0:54)   
S00:Video  The Dirty Details    
Complete Season   
"The Dirty Details" Clip (0:46)   
S00:Video  What Makes Yamamazing Tick?    
Complete Season   
"What Makes Yamamazing Tick?" Clip (0:35)   
S00:Video  An Unlikely Hero    
Complete Season   
"An Unlikely Hero" Clip (1:21)   
S00:Video  Dorothy's Surprise Guest    
Complete Season   
"Dorothy's Surprise Guest" Clip (0:50)   
S00:Video  Front Page News    
Complete Season   
"Front Page News" Clip (0:36)   
S00:Video  Trapped in a Box    
Complete Season   
"Trapped in a Box" Clip (0:40)   
S00:Video  At the Doggie Spa: Kym    
Complete Season   
"At the Doggie Spa: Kym" Clip (2:8)   
S00:Video  At the Doggie Spa: JoAnna    
Complete Season   
"At the Doggie Spa: JoAnna" Clip (1:49)   
S00:Video  At the Doggie Spa: Tyler    
Complete Season   
"At the Doggie Spa: Tyler" Clip (1:33)   
S00:Video  At the Doggie Spa: Bobby    
Complete Season   
"At the Doggie Spa: Bobby" Clip (1:0)   
S00:Video  Tom and Crystal Interview    
Complete Season   
"Tom and Crystal Interview" Clip (1:22)   
S00:Video  Betsy Sodaro Interview    
Complete Season   
"Betsy Sodaro Interview" Clip (0:50)   
S00:Video  Dr. Dognapper    
Complete Season   
"Dr. Dognapper" Clip (1:46)   
S00:Video  Bobby Lee Interview    
Complete Season   
"Bobby Lee Interview" Clip (1:37)   
S00:Video  JoAnna Garcia Swisher Interview    
Complete Season   
"JoAnna Garcia Swisher Interview" Clip (1:24)   
S00:Video  Touchdown!    
Complete Season   
"Touchdown!" Clip (0:15)   
S00:Video  Kym Whitley Interview    
Complete Season   
"Kym Whitley Interview" Clip (1:41)   
S00:Video  Yamamasterpiece    
Complete Season   
"Yamamasterpiece" Clip (0:32)   
S00:Video  Not So Much Fun    
Complete Season   
"Not So Much Fun" Clip (3:36)   
S00:Video  Dr. Rick Comes to Life    
Complete Season   
"Dr. Rick Comes to Life" Clip (1:17)   
S00:Video  Best Friends    
Complete Season   
"Best Friends" Clip (0:55)   
S00:Video  The Birth of Puppet Phobia    
Complete Season   
"The Birth of Puppet Phobia" Clip (0:30)   

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