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2011 Jun 03, Add new Source

X-Men: First Class

English  |  Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Do not misread the connotations in the title X-Men: First Class. “First class” is a phrase which here does not mean “the best, the finest, the most luxurious,” nor does it signify “the part of the plane with complimentary cocktails and room to stretch out.” Take the phrase literally. In strangely oxymoronic style, the studio’s promotional materials claim X-Men: First Class “charts the epic beginning (sic) of the X-Men saga,” the first group of students to graduate from Professor X’s school for reluctant super-heroes. Who knew an “epic beginning” was possible? In their salad days, Charles Xavier and Erik Lensherr, ultimately sworn mortal enemies, were the best of buds, experimenting with and testing their newly discovered powers, preparing to join other Mutants to prevent Armageddon. X-Men: First Class documents their nasty break-up. They could not be “just friends.” Although the men allegedly star in X-Men: First Class, the so-called “supporting actresses” threaten to steal the show. January Jones of “Madmen” fame plays Emma Frost, villainesse supreme, co-conspirator with Kevin Bacon as Sebastian Shaw, criminal mastermind. More notably, Jennifer Lawrence—yes that Jennifer Lawrence, low-keyed “It Girl” from Winter’s Bone and the Oscars’ red carpet—plays Mystique, aka Raven Darkholme, shape-shifting mutant. By film’s end, girl power may trump super-powers.
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