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2012 Nov 02, Add new Source

Wreck-It Ralph

English  |  Animation & Cartoons
Ralf is a lonesome antagonist from arcade video game Fix-It Felix Jr. He is nine-foot-tall, 643-pound anti-hero whose goal is to crash everything that main protagonist Fix-It Felix fixes. Ralf is representing the “Evil Forces” for almost 30 years and tired to be just a number two in the shadow of Fix-It Felix success. In his desperation, Ralph decides to break up with the arcade and escapes thru the power cord out to the world of other video games where he hopes to prove himself as a true hero. His first stop is first person shooter Hero’s Duty, where he meets cold-blooded and tough-as-nails Sergeant Calhoun fighting with Cy-Bugs invading her planet. After Ralph helps Calhoun to get rid of the alien invasion he finds himself in the thick of things boiling in racing video game Sugar Rush, where encounters Vanellope von Schweetz facing serious troubles and the only person to help her is Ralph. Initially Disney was planning to name the movie Joe Jump or Reboot Ralph, but at the time when whole conception was assembled, the 3D animated story was decided to rename in Wreck-it-Ralf as the same name arcade game. Wreck-it-Ralf is full of gimmicks, spoofs, allusions and allegories – you will be pleased to meet here the orange colored little ghost from Packman, a Zombie and lots of others funny villains from 30 years old videogames. You should add here the astonishingly matching voices of John C. Reilly, Jane Lynch, Sarah Silverman in perfect combination with soundtracks of Flo Rida (remember 'Good Feeling'?) and all what you get is another Disney’s unquestionable success.
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