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2013 Jun 21, Add new Source

World War Z

English  |  Horror & Suspense
World War Z stars Brad Pitt as Gerry Lane, an UN employee who travels the world to write down the stories of greatest world war’s survivors, the war of living beings against dead, the war of humans against zombies. The war that has had a global reach and has covered entire planet: from biggest megacities to small distinct islands. The survivors’ destinies and ways there are managed to overcome the zombie epidemic were quite different from country to country and from culture to culture. First signs of future tribulation have came from South Africa where cases of “African Lyssa” were initially noticed. It took almost three month for future pandemic to shown itself the next time. Next case has happened in China where Patient #0 was subjected to medical research. However, Chinese Authorities seems to be prepared this time: military forces start national mobilization. In order to hide the real reasons of military activities China foments the war conflict with Taiwan to acquit the mobilization in front of the face of rest of the world. While all of the civilized society remains calm and kept in the dark, another country Israel starts to show the strange political behavior. Israel Authorities abandons the entire disputed territories builds military fortified wall around the remains of its territory. All the Jewish from every corner of the world are strongly asked it left their places of residence and to move in Israel urgently. Meanwhile, the signs of future catastrophic events encounters all over the planet, nearly in every country. Soon after the entire civilized world enter in the state of war against zombies. The massive nuclear impact at the former Iran territory follows and the Earth enters a Nuclear Winter. Despite of the global war, there are the islands of unbelievable equanimity. Spy satellites' photos show no signs of epidemic in South Korea, however the population of this country skyrocketing reduces; and nobody knows why – an automatic military defense perimeter leaves no chances to local disquisition. The last resort of humanity is Cuba, where no zombies reached and every suspicious human being is exterminated without delay. However, apart of this story, Brad Pitt’s character, Gerry Lane has its own story. The story of his family he managed to rescue from the very first moment of global zombie epidemic, the family he was asked to left in order to travel the world to gather the facts which are able to be on help to end the World War Z with human victory. The movie is loosely based on the same name modern novel of Max Brooks which has been written in 2006. It was considered that the book is totally unfilmable due to its global reach and huge quantity of crucial panoramic scenes needed be filmed with big budget. That’s why the script was rewritten for several times after it was finalized. And even then it has been underwent some significant changes which caused lots of scenes to be reshoot and release date to be postponed for half of the year. Another interesting fact about the movie – World War Z filming right were subject of severe bidding war between two high-profile Hollywood studios Plan B Entertainment and Appiean Way owned by two high profile Hollywood celebs Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio accordingly.
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