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2011 Sep 30, Add new Source

What’s Your Number

English  |  Comedy & Humor
Just how many searching and testing dates does it actually take before the average person finds their own true love? How many relationships does it take to find “Mr. or Miss Right? Evidently the answer is something like twenty, at least for the character in this funny film. Anna Faris (Scary Movie series, Lost in Translation) plays Ally Darling, who checks back on her past dating record of twenty men to see if she missed that special one. And with the help of her next door neighbor Colin Shea (played by Chris Evans from Fantastic Four, Rise of the Silver Surfer) asks the question What’s Your Number? That number determines how many dates it may take before finding the special one. Backtracking on dating history may not be the best way to find that person but she’s determined to see if she’s missed him somewhere along the way. And along the way we find this hilarious movie to be entertaining. Choosing a number of around twenty may be way more than the average person has in their date book history but it can get interesting finding out what those who she left behind are up to these days.
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