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2011 Apr 22, Add new Source

Water for Elephants

English  |  Drama
Water for Elephants comes out in 2011 as an adaptation from the novel by Sara Gruen published in 2006. The movie, starts as a flashback of an old man and is set during the time of the Great Depression stars Robert Pattinson, of Twilight fame, playing a veterinary student, named Jacob Jankowski, who is orphaned and finds himself jumping aboard a passing train transporting the Benzini Brothers traveling circus. Jacob becomes the de facto veterinarian for the circus animals, including an elephant, name Rosie, who is ‘un-trainable’ until Pattinson’s character finds a way to get through to her. Of course, there is a love triangle involving Pattinson, Academy Award winner Christopher Waltz, and the ever so hot Resse Witherspoon in here as well, but in order to avoid the spoiler, no more will be said. Suffice it to say, those who want to feel that ‘tug’ at their heartstrings will not be disappointed.
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