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2013 Feb 01, Add new Source

Warm Bodies

English  |  Horror & Suspense
Humorous yet gruesome, Warm Bodies is the title of Jonathan Levine’s next movie, the title that works on the many levels; all of them are perfectly describing the idea of the film that loosely based on Isaac Marion debut novel of the same name. The story of filmed in 2013 Warm Bodies begins in the post-apocalyptical world where hordes of zombies are in the charge, ruling the Earth, while people are hiding in sporting domes, usually main city stadiums. Such stadiums remain the last refugee camps in the centers of most of the big cities of the destroyed world. Fortified in the manner medieval castles these domed structures hold the small concentrated groups of survivors keeping an endless defense against zombies. The movie follows the zombie named R, who is able to think and empathize: when he eats another portion of human brains it takes him high filling R with emotions and life experience of the victim. The irreversible changes begin when kills a suicidal teenager and eats out his brains. In the moment he immerses in the center of unrequited love of the victim to some girl named Julie. When R’s congeners approach to kill the rest of the teenagers, R in the burst of emotions decides to save Julie's life, taking her out of the massacre. This step ignites developing relationship between R and Julie, resulting in the world-change consequence of events.
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