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2010 Dec 25, Add new Source

True Grit

English  |  War & Western
Recently filmed an almost contemporary western "No Country for Old Men”, the Coen brothers, this time decided to move us in the days of classic Wild West. But the "True Grit" is not the classic westerns in the truest sense of the word. It's more of a drama, filmed in the surroundings of the Wild West. This kind of road movie, about three strong-willed characters: the old "badass" Rooster Cogburn, a brave Mattie Ross and a Texas Ranger, LaBeouf. Each of them has not only the fortitude and an iron grip, but a good heart. The plot develops at a leisurely journey through the cold emptiness prairie, discloses the nature of each of the characters. Accompanied by a travel encounters with different characters and, of course, dialogue is not deprived of their share of humor and sarcasm. Coens masterfully turned to recreate the atmosphere and spirit of the era. While you’re watching the movie , you’ll recall not only the classic westerns, but the adventure novels about cowboys and the Wild West. Special words of praise worthy and acting game. Jeff Bridges is simply amazing with his talent and skill. He used all means of expression - facial expressions, gestures and mannerisms to create a very interesting and vivid image. Also liked Haley Staynfeld, perfectly played the role of persistent and strong young lady. Thus, the Coen brothers came out not only careful and accurate recreation of the era, but also the emotional drama with excellent acting.
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