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2012 Sep 21, Add new Source

Trouble with the Curve

English  |  Sports
The first movie since In Line of Fire (1993) where Clint Eastwood plays not being a director of the film, Trouble with the Curve (2012) is a sport-drama film which story centers on aging basketball scout Gus (Clint Eastwood). There were the times when almost retired senior man was a legend of a baseball scouting. He recruited a world-famous Micky Mantle and Hank Aaron. However, those times are in the past, and a Gus’s executives afraid that he stuck in dinosaur ages, saying "Nobody cares who scouted Hank Aaron anymore." So, it seems like Gus has to prove his professionalism at the dusk of his carrier. He has to start his last scouting voyage, which he decides to perform with his daughter Micky named after a baseball star he scouted many years ago (the role of Micky was performed by Amy Adams). During the tour they meet Johnny Flanagan (Justin Timberlake), a rival scout, which was scouted by Gus some time ago, and who has an eye on Micky (and that is Gus couldn’t accept). Indeed, Gus and Johnny are good friends, and Micky couldn’t stay between them. There is something more about Gus scouting trip – he has the eyesight problems making him impossible to successfully judge whether this or that player is promising or no. This is the work for Micky eyes, and this is a strange symbiosis of aging professional scout and his adoring daughter, who used to love baseball and now hates it seeing the treat to his father health. The script of Trouble with the Curve has come a long way to hit the screens (almost 15 years) which may indicate its was not good enough; but not in this case. When you are watching Clint Eastwood films one thing is sure, Clint always delivers.
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