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2010 Dec 17, Add new Source

Tron: Legacy

English  |  Sci-Fi & Fantasy
If nothing else, “Tron: Legacy” is another masterpiece of Disney marketing. Released during the 2010 holiday season, “Tron: Legacy” comes with video game sold separately, and Academy Award winner built-in. Jeff Bridges stars as Kevin Flynn, video-game developer who mysteriously disappeared twenty years ago. The studio’s logline reads, “An ambitious hacker transports himself into cyberspace to pull off the ultimate hack.” Translation: Garrett Hedlund plays Sam Flynn who jumps into his father’s video game universe to rescue him. Identifying with the movie’s heroes, avid gamers report, “They created this kind of seamless line between the game and the movie.” “Tron: Legacy” is visually stunning. Recent advances in CGI enable the characters, weapons, and landscape to radiate off the screen and envelope the audience. The battles live up to their “epic” billing. Just as importantly, Olivia Wilde brilliantly plays fearless warrior Quorra, who leads dad and kid on their perilous journey across the world dad created. Beau Garrett, a frequent Olivia Wilde screen partner, plays Siren Jem, the perfect foil to Quorra.
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