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2012 Apr 20, Add new Source

To the Arctic 3D

English  |  Drama
If a wildlife lover peacefully cohabits in you together with a fan of such modern entertainment as IMAX, you'll enjoy this movie about the adventures of polar bears in the frosty arctic wilderness, for sure. Narrated by Meryl Streep, and shot in the best tradition of high-budget documentaries by Macgillivray Freeman Films and Warner Brothers Pictures, “To the Arctic 3D” was on a par with such famous films of its time about the wild nature as a Chimpanzee, The Cove, Planet Earth and The Big Miracle. Be sure to watch To the Arctic 3D online even if you are not so lucky to live in a radius of 100 miles from IMAX cinema. Of course the scale of effects would be not so descent, but great shots of wild Arctic nature, coupled with an amazing voice of Paul McCartney (yes, these were his songs in the film) is unlikely to leave you indifferent to the plight of these incredible sweet wild creatures: white polar bears.
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