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2011 May 06, Add new Source


English  |  Action & Adventure
Thor movie is a 2011-released Marvel Cinematic Universe film adaptation of comics the same name. Thor movie tells the story of the Norse-tale god of thunder Thor (Chris Hemsworth), who was thrown to the ground for a reckless attempt to revive the ancient war between Good and Evil. Only here on earth, Thor has to restrain his pride and become a real hero able to prevent the upcoming invasion of the dark forces. As it was said by Ashley Miller, co-writer of Thor movie: "Thor's powers are godly, yes ... But at the end of the day, he's a man ...». In the Thor movie we'll see also the other characters of ancient Norse epic, Loki (Tom Hiddleston) sly and cunning adoptive brother of Thor and Odin (Anthony Hopkins) his father, the wise, but furious in his anger, ruler of Asgard. Filmed in 3D Thor movie filled with fantastic adventures must be in interest both to fans of Scandinavian epic tales, and the fans of excellent action with great 3D special effects. Also, not be missed to say, that the script of the film was subjected to numerous refinements in the process of shooting and scandalous change of filming director Matthew Vaughn at the 2008 with Kenneth Branagh may have been advantageous for the Thor movie.
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