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2012 Dec 21, Add new Source

This Is 40

English  |  Comedy & Humor
How much do you know about Judd Apatow? The author of Knocked Up and The 40 Year Old Virgin he seems to be a little bit disquieted about the age of 40. This is proved once again by his new movie This Is 40 which he directs and writes the screenplay for. Actually, he is 45 years old and the crisis of 40s is way behind. Nevertheless, Judd energetically exploits the topic of mid-age slump, that eventually helps him to give a perfect launch for Hollywood career of his children. Yes, the juvenile Maude and Iris (you know these annoying toddlers from Knocked Up and Funny People) are back again in This Is 40 as Sadie and Charlotte, the children of being mid-age crisis Pete and Debbie. Pete is portrayed by Paul Rudd, who could be distinguished as George in Wanderlust and Ned Rochlin in Our Idiot Brother. The role of Debbie went to resilient cutie Leslie Mann, a well-know American actress born in 1972. Just remember her Jamie Lockwood in The Change-Up and Debbie in I Love You Phillip Morris. And of course, she played in all the latest Apatow’s movies which we have enlisted above as Paul did, too. But that’s OK, a little bit of conservatism is not a problem when you are filming three movies in row, all about mid-age crisis with the same actors starring and your kids playing kids. Keep calm and carry on, Judd.
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