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2012 Jun 15, Add new Source

The Woman in the Fifth

English  |  Drama
Actually the film as translated from a Douglas Kennedy book of the same title works exceedingly well. The Woman in the Fifth stars Ethan Hawke (Brooklyn’s Finest, Daybreakers) as the writer Tom Ricks. Ricks moved to Paris to be near his daughter but falls into hard times and needs work to get him by the writer’s block he developed. Soon he becomes enraptured by a French beauty by the name of Margit and his life becomes a bit more interesting. Co-starring Kristin Scott Thomas (Sarah’s Key, The Other Boleyn Girl) as Margit, Joanna Kulig (Time of Honor, Janosik: A True Story) as Ania, Geoffrey Carey (Glenn The Flying Robot, The Actress’ Ball) as Laurent, and Delphine Chuillot (Mozart’s Sister, Silent Voice) as Nathalie. When Ricks life is turned upside down in Paris, he is helped by a French Arab fellow who gives him a job as a security agent although his passion is writing and making amends with his daughter and estranged wife. Apparently this story’s writer, Douglas Kennedy is out to prove it’s always darkest before the storm, at least in Paris.
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