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2012 Apr 13, Add new Source

The Three Stooges

English  |  Comedy & Humor
For the past decade the Farrelly Brothers (Bobby and Peter) have been working on a remake of sorts that involves the famous Three Stooges comedy trio. The Stooges concept began way back in 1933 when there was an entire series of features and short subject involving them made by MGM. Now with the Farrelly Brothers to guide it the updated version should be fun and successful. They decided to put together three stories, each 27 minutes in length, that are connected. The Stooges were always noted for their slapstick style of humor and this will be lots more of that! Intent on saving the orphanage they grew up in, Moe, Curly, and Larry discover a murder plot which turns into a reality television show. Starring as Moe Howard is Chris Diamantopoulos (Charmed, Boston Legal), Sean Hayes (The Bucket List, Soul Men) plays Larry Fine, and as Curly Howard we find Will Sasso (Children’s Hospital, Entourage). The part of Mother Superior at the orphanage is played by Jane Lynch (Reno 911, Glee). Also look for Sofia Vergara (Modern Family, Entourage) as Lydia the Femme Fatale. Hilarious and full of action!
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