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2011 Oct 12, Add new Source

The Skin I Live In

English  |  Drama
When they combine lies, murder, date rape, mysterious parenthood, and gender confusion in a movie it’s generally considered to be a melodrama. The Skin I Live In takes it to another level and turns physical improvements into some horrific experiments gone awry. Dr. Robert Ledgard (Antonio Banderas) is a plastic surgeon who attempts to cultivate a new human skin that is impervious to burns. His wife died 12 years back after severe burns led her to commit suicide. His work thus far has only been on mice but he needs a human “guinea pig” to insure his efforts work. Here is where the horror begins! Seems the good doctor has a female captive who he plans on using to test his newly developed skin. His servant, Marilia helps keep the woman under control but when her son, Zeca commits a robbery commits robbery and asks mom to hide him a few days, he discovers the captive woman and rapes her. Upon Dr. Ledgard’s return he kills Zeca when he finds him raping his captive. We witness more mayhem including sexual reassignment, rapes, suicides, and murders. Quite a price to pay for fire proof skin! Starring Antonio Banderas (Homeland Security, Zorro) is Dr. Ledgard, Roberto Álamo is Zeca, and Marisa Paredes is Marilia.
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