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2012 Nov 08, Add new Source

The Sessions

English  |  Drama
Mark O'Brien is a paralyzed 38-years old journalist who is confined to his iron lung forever, and, one more detail… he is a virgin. Furthermore, all her dreams are about how to have a sexual intercourse with female. After he asks for a beatification his Father Brendan and receives his blessing for the sessions of sexual therapy, he goes for it. Very soon Mark meets Cheryl Cohen Greene, professional sexual therapists, who helps him to discover all the sweets of life and suddenly makes them discover each other. Unexpectedly, six sessions of sexual therapy turns into something more valuable: a passionate and cognitive journey from isolation to spiritual emancipation. The story is loosely based on real life events happened with real Californian journalist who decided to dramatically change his “paralyzed” existence and succeeded. The film premiered on Sundance Film Festival in 2012 and gained mostly positive critics alongside with Audience Award in “Dramatic” category and Special Jury Prize in category “Dramatic Acting - Cast”. As for cast ensemble – it represent a perfectly combined blend of true personalities pooled by a genuine chemistry between each other. The leading role of paralyzed writer was acquired by unparalleled John Hawkes, who may be familiar to you by his roles in The Playroom as Martin Cantwell, Arcadia as Tom and Contagion as Roger. Helen Hunt plays his soul mate and the sexual sessions partner, Cheryl Cohen Greene; you may remember Helen as Darcy Maguire in What Women Want, a Nancy Meyers movie, which was filmed in 2000.
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