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2011 Feb 04, Add new Source

The Roommate

English  |  Drama
The Roommate’s premise seems simple enough, and in light of Virginia Tech and elsewhere, maybe even plausible. The studio says The Roommate is, “"A psychological thriller about a deranged college freshman who becomes obsessed with her new roommate." If the girls take Psych 101, they may learn “deranged” is not appropriate clinical vocabulary for a girl who systematically and deliberately murders all of her roommate’s friends and loved ones. To their credit, Leighton Meister who plays Rebecca, first-year serial killer, and Minka Kelly, who plays Sara, unwilling object of obsession, rise above primitive writing and production values that fall far short of the balance between sex and fear, redeeming the movie as much as any two gifted girls might. The Roommate may be more valuable as a promotional piece for Los Angeles Loyola Marymount University; and, over time, the film may be far notable as a showcase for 2011 college fashions than for its riveting representations of paranoid schizophrenia. Will those nasty blood stains wash out of that adorable Abercrombie skirt?
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