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2011 Jan 28, Add new Source

The Rite

English  |  Horror & Suspense
The posters and trailer challenge you, “Could you look into the eyes of the devil?” The main characters in The Rite movie must answer the question…and the one that comes next: When you do look into the devil’s eyes, what do you plan to do? Pre-release buzz cautions would-be viewers the answers are more than a little scary. Based on Matt Baglio’s torn-from-real-life novel The Rite: The Making of a Modern Exorcist, the movie tracks a skeptical young seminarian as he travels from his little parish in San Jose, California, to the Vatican, where he studies and practices the rites of exorcism. Colin O’Donoghue plays Michael Kovack, neophyte; and who better to play Father Lucas, the apprentice’s master, than Anthony Hopkins, the king of creepy? Father Lucas initiates Kovack into the darker side of his Catholic faith, showing him how the devil’s power seduces and corrupts even in the planet’s holiest places.
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