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2012 Aug 15, Add new Source

The Odd Life of Timothy Green

English  |  Comedy & Humor
Jim and Cindy Green discover they cannot have a child of their own and like many other couples, go about finding alternative methods to conceive or at least get their own child. This couple however, decides to go about it a bit unconventionally. They gather up all their wishes including a description of just what they’d love their own child to be like and then put those wishes hopes and dreams in a box and bury it in their backyard. The small box contains details and characteristics, including that the child someday successfully becoming a winner and scores a winning goal. A dark and stormy night follows the impromptu burial and the next morning a visitor appears at the Green’s front door in the form of a 10 year old boy. Timothy claims the Greens to be his very own family and they soon realize this boy is far more special, downright tailor made for them, than they could have ever imagined. Mom Cindy Green is played by Jennifer Garner (Juno, Elektra), the father Jim Green is played by Joel Edgerton (2011’s The Thing, Animal Kingdom), and Timothy Green is played by young CJ Adams (Dan in Real Life). Also appearing are Dianne Wiest, Ron Livingston, M. Emmet Walsh, and David Morse. This is a heartwarming tale in the true Disney tradition!
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