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2011 Jan 28, Add new Source

The Mechanic

English  |  Action & Adventure
Jason Statham stars as Arthur Bishop, “mechanic” supreme. Of course, “mechanic” is bad-guy talk for the professional assassin who comes to fix your problem and generally tune-up your operation by striking terror into the hearts of your bad-guy rivals. The Mechanic, then, implies that in a world full of amateurish shooters, Arthur Bishop stands out as the consummate professional. In fact, Bishop lives and works by a strict code—precise, detached, professional, and perfectionist; in other words, Bishop delivers all the qualities anyone could wish or want in a fine mechanic. Donald Sutherland plays Harry, Bishop’s friend and mentor; and then he dies. Assassinated. Not surprisingly, Bishop feels compelled and honor bound to avenge Harry’s murder; but in all of his careful calculations, Bishop fails to factor-in Steve, Harry’s son, who shares Bishop’s desire for revenge and who brings beginner’s enthusiasm to the business of learning his father’s business. Of course, sinister stealth, insidious machinations, and high explosives complicate the would-be assassins’ quest; and, as the promos proclaim, “those hired to fix problems become problems themselves.” The Mechanic would qualify for your list of “standard guy stuff,” except that it has a liberal dose of heart.
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