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2012 Apr 13, Add new Source

The Lady

English  |  Biography
Progressing from a common housewife into a fearless woman who takes on the status quo of old Burma, Aung San Suu Kyi was determined to raise her children in a society that was free and understanding. She became an opposition leader and was determined to fight the oppression that was part of Burmese life. Her father, a general, was assassinated when she was but three years of age having been himself opposed to the old ways and pressed for democracy. This lush story is spectacular in scope and thanks to Luc Besson filmmaker from Paris is one of those life stories that has to be told. Besson’s credits include Columbiana, Taken, and The Fifth Element and his testosterone laden thriller movies show he is big on action films but this one is more the thinker type. Michelle Yeoh who stars as Suu Kyi has proven to be an action type actress herself in roles such as Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. The message is that non-violence wins out over a repressed and violent society even if the head of the opposition is jailed. Aung San Suu Kyi spent a year imprisoned when she fought hard to win free elections for her fellow Burmese. Its those quiet leader types that eventually get the job done and she eventually won the Nobel Prize for her efforts.
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