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2012 Jan 13, Add new Source

The Iron Lady

English  |  Biography
Starring Meryl Streep as the intrepid Margaret Thatcher, The Iron Lady proves to be one of the most likely Oscar contenders to come along in quite a while. Thatcher was a tough Prime Minister and that was good because she reigned in particularly tough times. And this film depicts how very remarkable she was, how ambitious she was, and how she succeeded in a world full of strong men. Margaret Thatcher was the Conservative Party leader from 1975 up until 1990 and the United Kingdom’s Prime Minister from 1979 up to 1990. She was considered to be a war monger as well as a destroyer of the economy during her time of service. But there was far more to the woman than just her professional side and that’s what this film is focusing on, her incredible strength and ability to triumph over the heavy odds against her. Being a woman made everything she accomplished all the more amazing and her accomplishments will long be remembered in the political history of the UK. Thatcher now reportedly suffers from Alzheimer’s disease. It is interesting that an American actress is portraying a powerful leader in the UK, but if anyone can succeed it is Meryl Streep (Kramer vs Kramer, Silkwood, Momma Mia!).
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