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2013 Apr 05, Add new Source

The Heat

English  |  Comedy & Humor
No one expected that on the edge of the war between Boston Police Department and local Russian drug mafia, two policewomen will stand against the cruel mob boss from Moscow. His gang strikes fear on Boston’s citizens and his corruption network seems to be protective enough to feel himself invulnerable. Nothing can stop him. Nothing but two crazy policewomen, no one could ever imagined are able to work together. Neither Special Agent Sarah Ashburn, nor Detective Shannon Mullins knows anything about friendly support; it looks like they hated each other from the very first moment they met – but, what’s really important they hate gangsters. And as they approach the target, Sarah and Shannon became deadly cohesive team…Sarah Ashburn is portrayed by Sandra Bullock (The Proposal, Miss Congeniality, Premonition, Infamous, The Lake House), while Melissa McCarthy (leading role in Mike & Molly, This Is 40, Identity Thief ) plays Det. Shannon Mullins.
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