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2012 Dec 25, Add new Source

The Guilt Trip

English  |  Romance
Starring such an unusual ensemble cast as Barbara Streisand and Seth Rogen, The Guilt Trip tells a story about young inventor who has and brilliant idea of organic cleaner he recently patented. His name is Andy Brewster (Seth Rogen), and he is unsuccessfully trying to commercialize his invention by selling it to huge corporations. In order to finally sell it, he plans a trip across the USA, but the organic cleaner is not the only reason, his real aim is to help his recently widowed mother, Joyce to find her lost love in San Francisco (Barbara Streisand) where Andy plans to stop for a while. She knows nothing about the surprise, and it’s impossible to predict how the things will turn out. Even, if the storyline does not look very promising for you, the movie is definitely worth to be watch by one only reason – to see the phenomenal play of phenomenal woman, Barbara Streisand. Filmed on 2012 by Anne Fletcher, The Guilt Trip could be an exiting entertaining experience for you, especial if you are a fan of Barbara.
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