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2012 Jan 27, Add new Source

The Grey

English  |  Action & Adventure
Liam Neeson heads a great cast of The Grey which is about what happens after an airplane crash lands in the wilds of Alaska. And no it’s not another movie about cannibalism! This time the hungry mouths wanting to be fed are canine or rather grey wolves that are always hungry this time of year. The team of oil drillers find they must struggle to survive when the plane they were in crash lands in the wilds of Alaska. At first all they see around them is the dull grey of the wilderness but soon moving objects become visible and when they close in are revealed as a pack of extremely hungry wolves. Liam Neeson, best known for roles in The A-Team and Clash of the Titans, is Ottway. Also starring in The Grey are Dermot Mulroney (My Best Friend’s Wedding, About Schmidt), Frank Grillo (Breakout Kings, Mother’s Day), James Badge Dale(Rubicon, The Pacific), Larissa Stadnichuk is the stewardess and a stunt woman). Look for plenty of beautiful Alaskan scenery and some scary wolves!
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