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2011 Feb 11, Add new Source

The Eagle

English  |  Action & Adventure
The Eagle movie stars Channing Tatum (Dear John, G. I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra) as Marcus Aquila and Donald Sutherland (Outbreak, JFK, Klute) as Aquila and is directed by Kevin MacDonald (The Last King of Scotland, State of Play). A film adaptation of the book “The Eagle of the Ninth” (1954) finds Britain as being ruled by Romans as a young soldier tries to honor memories of his father and find a golden emblem, The Eagle of the Ninth. The year is 140 AD and it is some twenty years after the disappearance of the whole Ninth Legion while in Scotland’s mountains. Seeking to solve the mystery and also get his father back his reputation, Marcus Aquila works his way across the Hadrian’s Wall, into Caledonia’s uncharted highlands where he meets up with savage tribes in order to retrieve his father’s honor, his memory, as well as the lost golden emblem known as the Eagle of the Ninth.
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