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2012 Jan 06, Add new Source

The Devil Inside

English  |  Horror & Suspense
A woman in Italy comes to believe her own mother is responsible for the deaths of three people. She was apparently insane and the savage murders were the result of her own exorcism. Now the daughter sets out to find out why and how her mother became so “possessed” that she could kill. Now that she has herself become involved in a series of exorcisms, she tries to learn all she can while discovering the story behind her mother’s apparent mental breakdown. A Baja resort, now abandoned is the property of a drug dealer who stashed a large amount of cocaine there somewhere. Paranoid over his “stash” being found, he decides to hire a scientist who can make up a horrifying monster as guardian of his drugs. The drug stash has been secure for years until lately when people are found to be approaching the area for no apparent reason. Why do they go there? And who will find the drugs first? Starring Fernanda Andrade (The Mentalist, Sons of Anarchy), Evan Helmuth (Love’s Christmas Journey, Mr. Woodcock), and Simon Quarterman (EastEnders, Perfect Strangers), The Devil Inside is truly creepy!
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