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2012 Jul 20, Add new Source

The Dark Knight Rises

English  |  Action & Adventure
Straight out of the DC Comics we find that Batman is back for yet another installment of the series brought to us by Christopher Nolan, writer, producer, as well as director. This is the third and supposedly last in the series from Nolan. But Batman has been around a long long time and who can say it will ever end? This film concludes the story that began with Batman Begins followed up with The Dark Knight and finally The Dark Knight Rises. And they will tell us the villain will not be either the Riddler or Mr. Freeze. Brother to Christopher, Jonathan Nolan is involved with script writing this time around and between the two they have plenty of plot twists and turns to keep us thoroughly entertained once again. Starring Christian Bale (Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, Terminator Salvation) as Bruce Wayne/Batman, that billionaire socialite who deems it his priority to keep Gotham City free from crime. Also starring are Sir Michael Caine (Inception, Alfie) as Alfred Pennyworth Bruce Wayne’s advisor and butler, Gary Oldman (Red Riding Hood, The Book of Eli) as Gotham City Commissioner of Police James Gordon. Included in the cast are Anne Hathaway and Morgan Freeman.
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