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2013 Mar 22, Add new Source

The Croods

English  |  Animation & Cartoons
A prehistoric man, Grug, and his ferocious family awake, when an earthquake strikes. All they have to do is to run out of their comfortable cave-apartments and accept their fate of “caveless” wanderers traveling uncharted and fantastical world. As they travel, a prehistoric genius meets them on their way. His name – Guy, and he tries to use his brain, not strength, in contrast as Grug does. This unusual, as per those times, behavior makes him derelict in eyes of contemporaries. Especially in the eyes of Crug, whose oldest daughter, Eep, seems to be fallen in love with Guy. This inappropriate order of things: a sudden earthquake, a crazy nerd, and unexpected maturing of the daughter makes Crug’s world being ruining. However, the rest of his family is less worried of these events: Ugga, Grug's wife; Thunk, their fat but kind son; and Gran Grug’s mother-in-law and his main enemy in this world. If you are not excited with the story, think about how The Croods was made. Produced by Kirk De Micco, Chris Sanders and voiced by Nicolas Cage, Ryan Reynolds and Emma Stone, the animated movie looks much better then How to Train Your Dragon, the one that has put The Croods on hold in 2010.
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