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2012 Apr 13, Add new Source

The Cabin in the Woods

English  |  Horror & Suspense
College kids spending the weekend in a woodsy cabin find out why it has become a scary place to stay as the events unfold, keeping them in fear of their lives and dependent on each other to survive. Seems there are supernatural events happening that take on a science fiction/reality type face that puts fear into each and every one who spends that weekend there in the Cabin in the Woods. An evil corporation does not want them there for sure and it’s up to this group of five young people to get out alive! Starring Richard Jenkins (The Visitor, Burn After Reading) is Steve Hadley, Bradley Whitford ( The West Wing, The Good Guys) is Richard Sitterson. Also starring as the college kids are: Curt the jock played by Chris Hemsworth (2009’s Star Trek, A Perfect Getaway) Jules “the whore” played by Anna Hutchison (Legend of the Seeker, Go Girls) Holden “the scholar” McCrea played by Jesse Williams (Grey’s Anatomy) The “fool” Marty Mikalski is portrayed by Fran Kranz (Homeland) The “virgin” Dana Polk played by Kristen Connolly (As The World Turns) It helps to go into this film with the knowledge it is meant to be a horror parody but with plenty of plot twists to keep it interesting.
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