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2011 Oct 14, Add new Source

The Big Year

English  |  Comedy & Humor
While three friends compete to see who can observe the most bird species in North America. Bird Watchers aren’t generally so competitive but this trio take on challenges just for the fun of it and the opportunity to “one up” each other. In the meantime viewers can see some great scenery and learn, at least a little, about birds and bird watching. Steve Martin is having a late in life crisis while Owen Wilson and Jack Black each have mid life crisis issues or no life at all issues so each has their own demons to face when they come to a crossroads in their lives. Stu (Steve Martin from Grand Canyon, L.A. Story) is the most dedicated of bird watchers and makes this competition bigger than it needs to be. Jack Black (Gulliver’s Travels, Tropic Thunder) is Brad Harris, who should be voted most likely to succeed in his no life crisis. Owen Wilson (Zoolander, Marley & Me) has his own demons to fight with his mid life crisis problems. Also look for the very talented Rashida Jones as Carol and Anjelica Huston as Debi Shearwater.
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