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2012 May 04, Add new Source

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

English  |  Comedy & Humor
When a group of retirees from the UK decide they might want to retire to someplace exotic that has a lower cost of living for those on a fixed income they decide on India and find the Marigold Hotel just what they think they’re looking for. Ads depicting a newly restore luxury hotel draw these older folks who seek a life filled with leisure and lazy living and when they arrive are sorely disappointed to find the “restored” hotel is in shambles. But they soon discover love and life can begin all over again for them after shedding the hackles of their past and simply moving on with their lives. The notable cast includes Maggie Smith (The Harry Potter series of films, Nanny McPhee Returns) is Muriel, Bill Nighy (Wild Target, Valkyrie) is Douglas, Judi Dench (Jane Eyre, Quantum of Solace) plays Evelyn, and Tom Wilkinson (The Green Hornet, Valkyrie) is Graham. This film may be considered a cautionary tale about expecting too much or just a good example of the best in British acting talents put to work in their senior years.
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