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2012 Jun 15, Add new Source

That's My Boy

English  |  Comedy & Humor
It seems like nothing can keep Adam Sandler from the starring in the frivolous comedies with a strong sexual overtones. In 2012, we again see Sandler in the role of the father, this time the “prodigal” one. Once broken, he returned to his family, which is actually not was not even existed. The story began many years ago when Donny Levine (played by Sandler played) encounters a "bad teacher." Quick sex of teacher with a minor Donny brings quite the expected results: pregnancy and prison sentences for corruption of minors. Since then, the young Donny has the most to raise a child up to 18 years. Here is the preamble to this unpretentious beginning of That's My Boy movie. Everything that happens next is well within the standard cliches of standard films Adam Sandler which. Having left his family many years ago, Donny returned trying to acquire the favor and support of his son, as always getting into the comic and ambiguous situations at the same time.
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