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2013 Feb 01, Add new Source

Stand Up Guys

English  |  Comedy & Humor
A dream team within a one movie - Al Pacino, Christopher Walken and Alan Arkin -impress with the incredible chemistry between members of this trio. Stand Up Guys director Fisher Stevens climbed into the territory of crime-comedy thrillers about gangsters mocking gangsters. Nonetheless Stand Up Guys is not a spoof of Pulp-Fiction-like movies, it has its own tint, and there is the place for seriousness too. The story begins when Val (impersonated by Al Pacino, a well-known American author gained his fame by his memorable roles in The Devil's Advocate, Heat, Scent of a Woman, The Godfather, Scarface) is being released from “the big house” after serving 28-years sentence. His mate, Doc (played by Christopher Walken, previously starred in A Late Quartet, Seven Psychopaths, Balls of Fury and Man of the Year) is eager to meet him at the walls of the penitentiary. Doc has two reasons for cheery embraces for his old pal. Doc was given a task to kill Vic. The assignment was made by the local kingpin Claphands (played by Mark Margolis: Beneath, Noah, The Courier, Black Swan), who is dreaming about revenge for his son’s accidental death accusing Vic for this. Nevertheless, Vic is aware about Doc assignment, and first thing buddies want do to is to visit the local cathouse ( it's a second reason), where the mess begins: alcohol, drugs and Viagra overdose ignites the chain of events buddies can’t control.
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