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2012 Aug 17, Add new Source


English  |  Music
With a talent filled cast and plenty of inspiring music to offer Sparkle will most assuredly be one to see as well as listen to this year! Starring Jordin Sparks in the role of Sparkle, sounds like an ideal combination. Sparks was named the winner of season 6 on American Idol in 2007 and her career has never looked so promising since. In what may be her final acting role, Whitney Houston plays Sparkle’s mom, a single mother with high hopes for her daughter’s singing career. The sing together along with two sisters and absolutely sound like the Supremes did back in the 1960’s. An original film titled Sparkle depicted a family of three sisters who formed a girl group from Harlem in the 50’s but this remake centers them in Detroit in the 60’s and is a far better tribute to the Supremes than Dreamgirls ever could be. Cast includes the late Whitney Houston (Waiting To Exhale), Derek Luke (Antwone Fisher), and Mike Epps (Jumping The Broom). Sparkle’s sisters are played by Carmen Ejogo, and Tika Sumpter.
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