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2013 Feb 22, Add new Source


English  |  Crime & Thriller
Snitch centers on a desperate father, who has his son being sentenced for decades, after being arrested for participating in drug dealing scheme. The father is played by Dwayne “Rock” Johnson, who is certainly familiar to you by his roles in Fast Five franchise and high-profile failure Journey to Mysterious Island. You may also remember his roles in Faster as Driver and in The Other Guys as Christopher Danson. In Snitch Johnson has to impersonate the kind of a guy, he does best: responsible and adamantine. His character decides to make a deal with U.S. Attorney to become a snitch, a whistleblower working undercover amidst top-ranked criminals. If he manages to expose the international drug lord, his son will got a chance to avoid the jail, if not he will lose his life and lives of loved ones, and his son will be jailed for the rest of the life.
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