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2011 Dec 02, Add new Source

Sleeping Beauty

English  |  Drama
As in all the fairy tale versions of this classic we find a beautiful young and desirable woman who sleeps, deeply and for long periods. The erotic version seen here in this 2011 Australian film is oddly filled with intimate encounters but strangely enough, no actual sex involved. Seems like the Sleeping Beauty named Lucy, who is played by Emily Browning (Sucker Punch, The Uninvited), is a young woman who evidently hates men enough to pick her lovers simply by a toss of a coin. She is consensually drugged with sleep medications that put her out for long periods of time, and with a wide assortment of much older men. She evidently is never actually “penetrated” however and this seems to make the audience edgy, wondering just what is going to happen and if ever anything even will, because after all, this is not supposed to be a porn film. The story is definitely told from a modern perspective and that may not work with many who come to see a classic fairy tale story, so just be forewarned. Also starring in Sleeping Beauty are Rachael Blake playing Clara, Ewen Leslie as Birdman, Mirrah Foulkes as Sophie, and Michael Dorman as Cook.
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